Career & Equal Opportunity

The research group “Documentary Practices” is committed to creating and maintaining an equal opportunity environment. The career advancement of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers is considered a central objective for the institution. It is for that reason that the research group has devised extensive measures to promote equal opportunity, support the career development of early-stage researchers, and ensure reconcilability of family life and academic career.

 Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are provided with a variety of opportunities, both outside and within the Ruhr-University. In addition, the research group offers its own resources and measures based on the specific needs of the PhD students (s. below).

Lecture Series – DoCareer – Networking Humanities

The lecture series DoCareer Networking Humanities offers a safe space to discuss and share academic experiences, but also for consultation and networking regarding equal opportunity and career development. The expert speakers discuss their personal career paths and present potential occupational fields for postdoctoral researchers within and beyond university, offering a glimpse into the various career opportunities available after obtaining a PhD in the field of humanities.

The speakers offer advice about career planning and job markets, professional growth, as well as the successful transition from doctoral to postdoctoral positions.  Particular attention is given to gender-specific aspects of career planning, which is why selected events target women and marginalized genders only.

Especially speakers who have chosen a career outside of university (e.g. faculty alumni) are invited to speak about their experiences. The focus lies on occupational fields that are relevant to the research group’s academic approach, i.e. archives, museums, libraries, media, educational institutions, or science management.

The events are held at regular intervals and may take several forms, such as talks and lectures, panel discussions, or moderated discussions. The discussions are followed by casual “get-togethers” and networking opportunities, allowing the audience to socialise with the speaker and one another.

Past Events

14.12.2022 – Lecture by Dr. Raphaela Knipp “Über A- und B-Pläne: Von der Wissenschaft ins Wissenschaftsmanagement“

12.01.2022 – Online lecture by Dr. Iuditha Balinta “Literatur und Wissenschaft in einer außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtung: Von #IchBinHanna zu #IchWarHanna

17.11.2021 – Online lecture by Anne Fleckstein Transkontinentale Kulturförderung zwischen Deutschland und afrikanischen Ländern

04.-05.05.2021 – Workshop about Kommunikation unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Machthierarchien with Alexandra Busch

09.07.2020 – Online lecture by Ann-Kristin Kolwes topic: Erste Generation Promotion: Der Einfluss der sozialen Herkunft im deutschen Hochschulsystem

29.01.2020 – Lecture by Gianna Reich Geisteswissenschaftler*innen sind das Schweizer Taschenmesser des Arbeitsmarktes

19.-20.08.2019 – Workshop & Coaching about Profilbildung für Karriereplanung innerhalb und außerhalb der Wissenschaft by Alexandra Busch

03.-04.07.2019 – Workshop & Coaching about Karriereentwicklung durch Forschungsförderung with Dr. Beate Scholz

22.01.2019 – Workshop & Single coaching about Karriereplanung, Selbstpositionierung und Selbstpräsentation in der Wissenschaft mwith Alexandra Busch

23.10.-25.10.2018 – Workshop about Karriereperspektiven außerhalb der Wissenschaft für promovierte Geisteswissenschaftlerinnen with Dipl. Psych. Dipl. Päd. Monika Puls-Rademacher (Uni Support)

16.07.-17.07.2018 – Workshop about Rollenklarheit und Konfliktmanagement with Alexandra Busch

07.11.-08.11.2017 – Workshop for PhDs: Kommunikative Herausforderungen in der Wissenschaft with Alexandra Busch

15.12.2016 – Workshop: Einen guten Einstieg in die Promotionsphase finden with Dr. Margarete Hubrath