Event Information: Climate Justice and Anti Fascist Futures – A Spring School for Activism and Academia:

Climate Justice and Anti Fascit Futures – A Spring School for Activism and Academia: Our Graduate School is involved with this exciting Spring School. With contributions from i.a. Noah Walker-Crawford (London), Sheena Anderson (Berlin), Tatjana Söding (Berlin), Azadeh Ganjeh (Hildesheim).

This event is organized to assemble actors and groups that work on intersectional, emancipatory politics and climate justice in media studies, the humanities and beyond for coalition building and inventing sustainable strategies in between academia, journalism and activism. We want to work on matters and methods engaging with media studies according to principles of responsibility in the face of political and ecologic urgencies. Crucial climate tipping points are quickly approaching as well as the election year of 2025 that will determine our abilities and resources to – if not avert – at least mitigate against them. 

We want to build coalitions between climate justice groups and academia to join different kinds of knowledge production, to invent and think about (media) strategies – in the field of media studies and beyond. With actors between activism and academia we will facilitate an intensive work-weekend with an emphasis on collaborative approaches to research and collective organizing. Participants are invited to engage in one of three research-tracks, which focus on different issues and methods: From data-mapping of attacks on climate justice activism, over cooperation building between activists and scientists, to the engineering of climate justice strategies for media studies and activism. 

When: Friday, 12th of April 2024 – Sunday, 14th of April 2024
Location: Bochum
Detailed information and a program will be sent to participants after registration.
Please register by March 15th, 2024 at research-at-risk@gfmedienwissenschaft.de. 
For questions and support with travel costs and accommodation, please contact us: research-at-risk@gfmedienwissenschaft.de.
We welcome students, (media)scholars, journalists, activists, artists and other interested people.
The working languages are English and German.

Who is Research at Risk?

Research at risk is a working group in media and performance studies that understands research as a practice of knowledge production, exchange and criticism, which is not only facilitated by academics, but also by activists, journalists, artists and others. We work in the field between climate justice and antifascist coalition building with a strong emphasis on intersectional approaches. In 2022 and 2023 Research at Risk invited a variety of speakers to present and discuss different ways in which individual researchers as well as critical research as such are put at risk. For this purpose, we organized two lecture series on flight and scholarship as well as petro fascism. Departing from these conversations we are continuing our work in this practice-oriented spring school to tackle the above-mentioned interceptions between right wing politics and anti-climate sentiment.