Philipp Hohmann, M.A.

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Title of the Dissertation

Queer Art and Collectivity – Media Entanglement between Performance and Documentation in Antonia Baehr and Boudry/Lorenz (Working Title)

Project Description

This doctoral thesis considers the relationship between reciprocally emerging (queer) performances and media (books, scores, photographs, videos) and their potential to create (affective) archives by examining the projects of choreographer Antonia Behr and video artist Renate Lorenz. The study focuses on the complicity between the artwork and documentation manifested in these works and investigates the forms of artistic collaboration or collectivity in connection with queer socialities and aesthetics.

Following performances (Lachen, 2008; Abecedarium Bestiarium, 2013], Baehr publishes books under virtually the same title presenting the scores friends wrote for her and on which the performances were based. Boudry/Lorenz create film installation based on performances that are only ‘performed’ for the camera and only restaged and received in a closed (museum) space (N.O.Body, 2008; Telepathic Improvisation, 2017).

The aim of this project is to examine this material in order to explore crucial tensions between media studies, theatre studies and queer theory. This includes questions of presence or absence (of performers, friends, an audience) and (queer) temporalities, performativity and performance between repetition, eventfulness and indirectness (especially with regard to gender, sexuality and desire) and stages/media as sites of thinking and feeling. Against the background of affect theory, the study asks to what extent the projects of Baehr/Boudry/Lorenz can be read as (self-)documentary work on the representability of queer relationships, bodies, desires and affects and how this work is related to normative and objectivising operations of the documentary and the archival.

Scholarly Career

  • Since October 2019: researcher (doctoral candidate) in the DFG post-graduate programme ‘The Documentary. Excess and Withdrawal, Ruhr University of Bochum
  • Since October/2017: Master’s degree in ‘Gender Studies and Theatre Studies, Ruhr University of Bochum
  • April/2017 to September/2019: Master’s degree in Stage Research, Ruhr University of Bochum
  • October/2013 to March/2017: Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies and Economics, Ruhr University of Bochum


University Courses

  • Summer term 2019: Introductory Seminar „Mit Abschweifungen und Umwegen – Szenische Forschung studieren“, Performative Research/Institute of Theatre Studies, Ruhr University Bochum


  • “Queere Kunst und Kollektivität – Mediale Verschränkungen zwischen Performance, und Dokumentation bei Antonia Baehr und Boudry Lorenz”, talk presented as par of “DIS(S)-CONNECT II – Wie Medien uns trennen und verbinden”, videobased workshop for PhD candidates, University of Vienna, 17.04.2020
  • „…auf dem äußersten Vorgebirge der Jahrhunderte“ Zeitlichkeiten und Relationen zwischen Friedrich Nietzsche und F.T. Marinetti“, talk presented as part of the student symposium „Avantgarde und Faschismus“, Ruhr University Bochum, 15.02.2019
  • „Unzeitgemäße Betrachtung: Lenz mit Nietzsche lesen“, talk presented as part of the symposium „Lenz-Herbst“, Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim an der Ruhr, 09.10.2016

Organisation of Events

  • Collaboration on the conception and staging of the symposium “Avant-Garde and Fascism”, 15.02.2019, Ruhr University of Bochum
  • Collaboration on the conception and staging of the symposium “Lenz-Herbst”, 8. & 9.10. 2016, Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim
  • Collaboration on the conception and staging of the student art festival “Zeitzeug­_ Festival”, 2014–2017, Bochum


  • Member of the Society for Media Studies
  • Member of the Society for Theatre Studies
  • Member of the dorisdean performance collective